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Illogical Sound
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LP / Synthetic Shadows Records / 2014 (1981)


Sound was born in Roma in 1981. The musicians were
(vocals, later in Liquid Eyes), Filippo
 (guitar), Luigi

also in Liquid Eyes) and Andrea
All of them (except the vocalist) went -one year later- in Illogico, a
quite popular No-Wave band that recorded various demo tapes, recently
re-released by Spittle records on CD. They played regulary in main
'alternative rock' club of the town such 'Tube' and 'Uonna 
Club'. At
the end of 1981, with the support of Tonino Amendola on saxophone, the
band changed his name as' Illogico '. Their sound, ispired by bands such
Contorsions, DNA, Suicide, Pere Ubu with a strong 'punk attitude', is
well documented in this amazing anthology that contains studio material
and a bunch of live tracks.