“Jeff & Jane Hudson - Flesh kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Jeff & Jane Hudson
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Dark Entries Records (USA) / LP

Dark Entries
and Captured Tracks have teamed
up to re-issue the debut album
Flesh by Jeff & Jane Hudson expanded with an extra LP of singles and EP material.
Jeff & Jane Hudson are a husband/wife duo from
Boston who got their start in the art punk band The Rentals in 1977.
The Rentals broke up in 1980 and Jeff & Jane relocated to
Manhattan where they opened for Suicide and quickly
signed with No Wave label
Their first single
No Clubs was released in late 1980 and showcased a lo-fi avant garde all synthesizer
band. The
World Trade EP came next in 1981, expanding their brand of post-nuclear electronic pop.
Their vocals qualities were distinct; Jeff quivery and drug-addled while Jane
more detached and icy.

The duo reached their pinnacle with 1982′s seminal Flesh.
Perhaps one of the
achievements in the entire “synth” movement of the 80s. The music was
electro-pop employing early
Roland synths and
TR-808 drum
machine. Jeff’s lyrics flirted with technology and politics, while Jane wrote
about cultural and psychological situations. Completely self produced by the
band, the record has since been oft-cited as a groundbreaking and pivotal LP of
the post-punk era, who’s original copies are now heavily coveted by collectors.
Completing the discography is the
Special World 7″ released in 1983 before the band emigrated back to Boston and stopped recording and performing.

This deluxe edition has been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at in Berkeley directly from the original master tapes. LP 1 is the Flesh