“Alone - Fossilzed in concrete kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Fossilzed in concrete
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LP / TuT-Tonträger / 2010 (Treue um Treue)
Created as an attempt to
document an alternative history (or shall we say another dimension) of popular
electronic music, ALONE from Belgrade have been active both as a performing and
recording project since 1994 and already have to their credit numerous tape and
CDR releases, including 5 full-length albums. Their style, eluding any
pre-conceived categorisation, is a unique brand of high-tech electro-wave,
allying the pathos and weirdness of KIRCHOHMFELD, the complexity and killing
beat-programming of LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS and the unpredictability of PIERRE
NORMAL. TREUE UM TREUE is very proud to present ALONE’s first ever vinyl
release, a selection of 9 tracks spanning a period of almost 12 years, from the
first demos down to the latest album. Definitely pop but never easy, futurist
and neo-romantic at times, ALONE’s music remains through the years as
unfamiliar and utterly compelling as the post-apocalyptic landscapes it tells
us about. Like a voice from the outer world, ALONE takes us to the nexus in
time and space where each may find their Golden Path; 318 copies