“Martial Canterel - You today kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Martial Canterel
You today
Order-Nr.: VR015

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Wierd Records (USA) / 7inch
The first 7" single
for the title track off of the forthcoming new full-length album from Martial
Canterel entitled You Today.
Since his first live performances in 2002, Sean McBride, aka Martial Canterel
(who also performs as half of the duo Xeno & Oaklander), has produced a
rich catalog of self-released and limited edition LPs, cassettes, and
compilation tracks. The carefully crafted, private, raw, and often feverishly
aggressive 'minimal synth' sound he has pioneered has been a pillar influence
for the
Brooklyn minimal electronics scene and and beyond. You Today incorporates bright, urgent melodies
that snake and and swagger between major and minor keys, emanating a subtle
melancholic darkness and a rhythmic, militant propulsion keeping things moving
against all odds. Thoughtful yet distinctly danceable and infectious, the two
songs on this gem of a disc are the apex of McBride's icily idiosyncratic