“Passion Polka - Obsessions EP  kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Passion Polka
Obsessions EP 
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12inch Annalogue Records 2011

PASSION POLKA was an electronic pop outfit founded by Steve
Cottier (also in Scope, Xionics, Kinetics, Peep Show) and Keith Leary
(also in Peep Show) in Liverpool, UK, presenting here four classic
analogue electropop tracks from 1982/1983 in the vein of Camera Obscura,
OMD or Oppenheimer Analysis, featuring the Roland TR-808 drum machine
and a little armada of the usual synthesiser suspects made by ARP, Korg,
Roland and Yamaha
. They only released the impossible-to-find
'Obsession'/'Juliet' 7" single back in 1982 on their own Kinetic Rekords
label. These tracks are now available again on Anna Logue Records'
first 12" ever, remastered by Marc Senasac and with an addition of two
beautiful and and previously unreleased 1983 tracks 'Lying next to You'
and 'Fighting Alone' which feature Siobhan Maher (River City People,
Kindred Spirit) on backing vocals. A must-have for all the aficionados
of early 80's romantic electropop.

Features: limited edition, 180 grams black vinyl, b&w UV varnished sleeve with lyrics, 

b&w labels and DIN A2 poster, mastered by Marc Senasac, Sleeve : Steve.