“Red Violet Red - Relaxed In Upstate Rain kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Red Violet Red
Relaxed In Upstate Rain
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LP / Domestica Records / 2011


A brief history:
" Art school student Jeff Gallea meets Lyle Wells at a New Order
concert in 1984. They form the synth-pop duo Festival Of Dreams and play
a few local Rochester shows. Jeff sings, programs Roland 707 drum
machine beats and plays Korg Poly 61 synth bass. Lyle sings, plays
Fender electric guitar and Roland Juno 60 synth. Jerry DellaPietra joins
to play electric Fender bass. Jeff, Lyle and Jerry all sing lead while
recording cassette demos, but feel a designated lead vocalist is needed
for live shows. Jerry recommends novice singer Cedric Herrera to
audition. The four unite under the new name Red Violet Red in early

While practicing in an abandoned downtown Rochester warehouse with
windows open, night club promoter Richard Kaza walks by and hears Red
Violet Red's driving new-wave sound. Richard ventures to the 4th floor,
listens and invites Red Violet Red to headline at the opening of the new
Club Idols. Over 300 punk-rockers, new-wavers and excited music fans
pack the small upstate New York venue for their first perfomance. The
local crowd hears and watches RVR use their synths and drum machines
mixed with guitars and layered voices for a brave modern sound. Everyone
dances. This is Cedrics first band, his first gig and he is expectedly
nervous. Lyle gets drunk and throws a beer bottle at the club owner.
Jeff hits on Adam Ant's girlfriend then gets bounced (for the bottle
Lyle threw). The party gets out of hand and the Fire Marshal shuts the
club down for being over capacity.

Red Violet Red does no future shows at Idols, but Jim Fall, co-owner
of lo-fi record company Game Hen Records, hears their intense
performance. After that show, RVR is encouraged to record and release an
album. In the summer of 1985, sound engineer Gary Zeftig records Red
Violet Red at Music America Studios where Metallica recorded their first
album "Kill Em All". They self produce and record 8 songs on 24-track
analog 2" tape. Game Hen presses two of the songs to 12" vinyl single.
300 records are released. '12 Miles Of Sky' b/w 'Candy Cane'. Each
record cover is hand painted with a green photo sticker and hand
numbered. A basement flood at Game Hen destroys 50 records making the
original 250 records harder to collect. The song '12 Miles Of Sky'
charts high on many US college radio stations.
One year later Red Violet Red breaks up for creative differences, right
before a record deal was offered. In 1986 Jeff and Lyle form the cult
collector dark-wave band Eleven Pond. Cedric joins the alt-rock band
Claude Rains. Jerry goes back to his family's stone cutting
business..... twenty five years later, Red Violet Red 12" single
(#136/300) sells to a vinyl collector in France for $600 on eBay in
January 2010... in 2011 a Brooklyn DJ discovers the RVR 12" single and
is currently playing '12 Miles Of Sky' to the minimal synth dance crowds
at Weird in NYC... in Spain, Jordi and Francesc of Domestica Records
discover these unreleased gems, contact Jeff through SoundCloud and this
album is finally released, twenty six years after they were recorded...
Enjoy! "