“TEATRO SATANICO – GOLD IN BLEI kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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7inch / TuT-Tonträger Records / 2011 (Treue um Treue)

(Treue um Treue, TuT018, 7", 157 copies on gold vinyl, 157 copies on lead vinyl, in printed jacket, 2 tracks, hand-numbered)

Treue um Treue is very proud indeed to present the latest
alchemical endeavour of Teatro Satanico, the cult Italian project whose
devilish wit and magick electronics have been the talk of the
post-industrial scene for the last 20 years. On “Gold in Blei”, they
chose to invoke two of the most infamous female figures of Germany’s
recent past, two parallel destinies, two deep wounds of the German
psyche: Ulrike Meinhof the fallen angel and Ilse Koch the uprising
demon. Staged with all the flavour and cruel humour of a morbid nursery
rhyme, this unseemly yin yang put to a post-revivalist technoid beat
shows TS as unpredictable and irreverent as ever. So, who is Kasper and
who the Devil? Don’t expect them to tell you. The choice is yours
between an EBM party at the Stammhein prison and a 6 AM ecstasy overdose
at the Lagerkommandantur! Deutsch-Italienische Freundschaft or hermetic
Electro Bunker Musick at its best