“Conrad Schnitzler - Zug kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Conrad Schnitzler
Order-Nr.: mm001
Angebot : 15.00 Euro

nur 9.90 EURO
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LP / M=Minimal Records / 2011

We at m=minimal are proud to have "Conrad Schnitzler's - Zug" as our
first release. Schnitzler's Zug is one of the most important and first
electronic minimalist works that were published in the 70s. Almost
simultaneously with the Kraftwerk's groundbreaking "Autobahn" Zug
appeared on the legendary "the red cassette". The Wire Magazine wrote
about Zug: "Kraftwerk might have used similar methods to create rhythm"
and "three decades on, it still sounds the future" We at m=minimal can
only confirm this statement. The release is rounded off with a remix of
Con-Fan Stefan Betke aka Pole. Pole and Kassian Troyer (Radian) have
mastered the record, best quality is guaranteed. Another remix is
contributed by "borngräber and strüver". Conrad Schnitzler - The
original member of Tangerine Dream and a founding member of Kluster is
creator of milestones in the history of electronic popular music. His
works are released world-wide, published mainly in the U.S., Japan,
Britain, France and Italy. As one of the first students of Joseph Beuys,
Conrad Schnitzler is also well known in the fine-art-scene.