“Twilight Ritual - The Factory Scream kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Twilight Ritual
The Factory Scream
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LP / Onderstroom Records / 2012

sleeve at 1 corner a smal damage!

Twilight Ritual was/is the main project by Geert Coppens and Peter
Bonne. During the early eighties they were involved in many other bands
including Autumn and The Linear Movement (both recently re-released on
Minimal Wave), but Twilight Ritual is by far the most inspired project.
The spirit of the band lingers on beneath the work of Autumn through A
Split Second. The work of Twilight Ritual is diverse, yet consise. Their
pioneering album Rituals inspired other musicians and became an
underground cult classic in the minimal synth genre.

The Factory Scream is a compilation of varied works recorded during
1984 and 1986. After finishing the tracks for the album Rituals they
went on discovering new areas of expression. And it shows Visions Of
Steel and L'Uomo Moderno are two international sounding and wonderful
analogue induced tracks, Wired To The Machines could have been a
potential club hit, Black Track can stand next to the best Neon
Judgement material and She Told Me Lies is a truly mesmerizing 80s
synthpop song. The Factory Scream has many different facets, and it
often sounds like there is more than one band playing on this album!

* Re-mastered by A.P.
* Artwork by Twilight Ritual
* Pressed on 180gr. vinyl
* Limited edition of 500 copies