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See You Sioux
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LP / Dark Entries Records / 2012

Dark Entries is honored to present the “See You Sioux” cassette by
BUZZ for the first time ever on vinyl. BUZZ began as the brainchild of
J-C Van Thienen in Lille, northern France, ten miles from the Belgian
border. He released one album in 1985, the highly limited demo cassette
See You Sioux. In the late 70s and early 80s J-C witnessed the punk
explosion while studying and working abroad in England. He regularly
attended concerts by Adam and the Antz, The Sound, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ski Patrol, Spizzenergi, The Cure, interviewing
the bands for a fanzine. Returning to France, and feeling inspired, J-C
bought a Soundmaster drum machine and two second-hand synthesizers in
1983. He started composing songs applying the DIY punk ethos akin to Cabaret Voltaire and Fad Gadget, who like him were eccentrics in a pop-rock world.
Borrowing a 4-track Portastudio from a friend, J-C recorded 7 songs that
would become the skeletons for the “See You Sioux” album. The local
radio station provided studio time for free so BUZZ enlisted help from
the guitarist (Vincent) and drummer (Franck) of The Figurines.
His neighbor, Béatrice, added backing vocals. The result was the
entirely self-produced See You Sioux cassette, recorded in one take.
BUZZ combined new wave dancefloor appeal with the abrasive textures and
irreverent attitude of post-punk. Lyrically, they addressed topics such
as the Cold War, post-World War II tension in Berlin, the assassination of KennedyPablo Picasso’s
minimalism – all in a manner that was as sarcastic as it was
politically-charged. The overall sound of “See You Sioux” fits nicely
beside their French contemporaries: Opera Multi Steel, Norma Loy, Little Nemo, Taxi Girl, but is more aligned with their Belgian neighbors the Neon Judgement and Trisomie 21.
Artwork for the cassette jacket was all done by J-C using letrasets,
scissors, glue, coloring with markers and hand-numbered in an edition of
250 photocopies. Over the years, BUZZ’s demo cassette travelled from
bedrooms to dancefloors around the world, and even into the purse of
Anne Clark around the time BUZZ supported her in Ghent and Paris. The
success of See You Sioux landed BUZZ a deal with Danceteria Records,
who would release four maxi 12” singles from 1986-1989. Around 1990
BUZZ took a break, eventually restarting in 2005 with the release of a
career spanning compilation and remix album. J-C continues to write and
release music today with his project Vuduvox.
All songs on  “See You Sioux” have been remastered from the
original C-60 metal master tape for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy
Studios in Berkeley, CA. Each LP includes a fold-out, double-sided
insert with photos, lyrics and liner notes by Anne Clark. 27 years later
these demos provide a glimpse of the bleak post-industrial European
wasteland as seen from the bedroom window during the French coldwave
Sound clips HERE: http://soundcloud.com/darkentriesrecords/sets/buzz-see-you-sioux/