“Axxess - Novels For The Moons kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Novels For The Moons
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LP / Medical Records / 2012

Medical Records is ecstatic to present the reissue of the essential
“Novels For The Moons” by Axxess.  Originally released in 1983, Axxess
is the brainchild of French multimedia artist Patrick Mimran.  Mr.
Mimran was co-director of Lamborghini Motors (along with his brother) at
the time and fittingly released the album on the imprint Lamborghini
Records.  Heavily influenced by German electronic pioneers Klaus
Schulze, Tangerine Dream, and Kraftwerk, Mr. Mimran commissioned the
German engineer Andreas Bahrdt to build a custom complex synthesizer
which eventually materialized into a 16 voice analog synthesizer of
genius proportions.  Andreas had previously designed a less elaborate
prototype for Peter Baumann of Tangerine Dream fame.  What then came to
life as the product of Patrick’s imagination and this unique machine is a
spectacular array of 15 sequenced instrumentals that is “Novels For The
Moons”.  The opener “When The Lips Fly High” sets the stage for the
labyrinthine polyrhythms that will enchant and enrapture the listener
for the duration of the album.  While most tracks have an upbeat driving
vibe, others have a synth-heavy low-key subdued aspect as well.  The
album has been described in some circles as having cosmic qualities (as
well as the track “Pages” making an appearance on a Daniele Baldelli mix
in the past).  Occasional resemblances to 70’s horror synth soundtracks
could also be appreciated but with a more intricate song structure of
layered intertwining sequenced patterns (such as in the track “Dancing
Shadows”). This long out of print beautiful artifact has essentially
been unavailable except for the occasional rare copy on the collector’s
market (with the corresponding high prices).  The LP features original
reproduction sleeve art (front and back) featuring the mysterious and
eye-dazzling original painting that donned the original LP.  Included is
a 2-sided insert featuring an interview and profile of Axxess by Dave
Segal and color photos of the infamous “Le Bart” synth used to create
this masterpiece.  This will certainly appeal to fans of early
progressive synth records, sequencer-heavy Tangerine Dream period,
cosmic disco, and other lovers of all things early-electronic. 
Presented on high-quality 180gram yellow vinyl in a limited edition of
1000 hand-numbered copies.