“Mossgarten/Vildsvanen - 82-87 A Compilation kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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82-87 A Compilation
Order-Nr.: dom04L

nur 18.00 EURO
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LP / Domestica Records / 2012

" Second half of the seventies and the first half of the eighties was
armed with a unique string of sensationally great bands and musicians.
There was no problem getting inspired. Inspiration came from such artist
as Cabaret Voltaire, Front 242, early Human League, DAF, Joy divison,
David Sylvain, OMD, John Foxx, to name a few. And if that was not enough
you could always listen to Kraftwerk, Neu or Brian Eno.
Moss Garten and Vildsvanen was all about recording music, very few live
gigs were performed. Live gigs did not seem to work very well, although
billed together with Smithereens from New Jersey and already ledgendary
Motörhead finally a decent gig was accomplished. 
The keyword was DIY. Recordings were all self-produced and mostly the
audio engineer work was DIY styled. Always low on cash entailed
limitation to which kind of studio could be used and the amount of time
which could be spent on a recording. Most of the tunes was recorded and
mixed in less than two hours and crashed tunes was sometimes reworked
years later. You learned to prepare yourself before a recording. Lack of
cash also excluded the use of very expensive synthesizers and drum
machines, although pleased with my machinery you always wanted more
muscles. These limitation was not bad – you became creative. These
limitations became the framework together with your influences which
gave the music its caracter, but in the end a recording and distribution
contract, combined with a proper studio was the goal. "