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Aroma Di Amore
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CD / Onderstroom Records / 2012

Aroma Di Amore returns with new material since their last album
"Koudvuur" 25 years (!) ago.Aroma Di Amore returns with new material
since their last album "Koudvuur" 25 years (!) ago.

The group still has so much to say, about the essence of music, about
the world. A tough world which is relentless and idealises the
individual. On Samizdat AdA shows us a raw and blunt reality, sharp,
without compromises. With the maturity of artists who know what's for
sale and with their unstoppable energy this band is as relevant as ever.

Aroma Di Amore has made again a contemporary soundtrack to this era.
Elvis Peeters proves himself once again as one of the best writers in
the Dutch language area. Ignored by the mass, loved by the underground,
never simple always unique.

* Digipack CD
* Lyrics + poems by Elvis Peeters
* Artwork by Gilbert Lens
* Design by OnderStroom
* Limited to 1000 copies