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7inch / Replik Muzick Records / 1984

orig. release, unplayed!

Dadamerica was released on the danish underground label Replik Muzick in 1984.
Created by Mogens Jacobsen and Peter H. Olesen on sparse equipment, including drummachines and turntables.
The record is fairly unique by danish standards, featuring possibly the first use of 'scratching' released on vinyl in
Denmark.The music can be described as stripped down experimental electro, with minimal drummachine patterns
overlapped with snippets of speech and effects.
As such it was a fresh breath of air into a 80'ties underground scene, at the time dominated by copycat synthpop
and lo-fi punk.
However it's clearly not straight electro for the dancefloor, both in titles and musical expression, Dadamerica
suggests an underlying cultural critique, blending semi-militant rhythms with a gloomy atmospheres, with links to
both industrial and more experimental music.
Dadamerica was the only release by Kain, and the duo only performed a handful of concerts in underground v
enues, before the members moved on to other projects.