“Todo Todo - Tecnodelia Tendencias 1980-1981  kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Todo Todo
Tecnodelia Tendencias 1980-1981 
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LP / Domestica Records / 2012

TODOTODO was a Technorchestra which emerged on the music stage at the
beginning of the eighties, just when Techno movement was the dominant
one in the European music framework.
Although its influences were much wider, the three members in TT were
absolutely committed to the contemporarity of Techno music language and
its possibilities. Every third of the trio was, in itself, an open door
towards creativity and each one was concerned with a different view of
the same reality, to which, through different ways, they wanted to reach
all together with every song they wrote. Francisco “Paco” García, in an
impossible get-together with Truman Capote, Andy Warhol and Erik Satie,
translated into numbers the stave graphology, almost in a cabalistic
way. Pedro “Pequi” Vidal, between Nijinsky and Isadora Duncan learnt the
discipline which gives pomp and circumstance to the mise-en-escène, the
'live'. Carmelo Hernández, not far from Debussy, spied with his
binaculars, from a terrace in Montmartre, to 'The Queen Kelly'. Yes,
they were three boys un peu compliqués.

Actually, TT was the consequence of the melting of three strong
characters, with a great team-work capacity, and incredibly charming as a
corporate organization. A non-musician, as he is defined, with an IQ
remarkably above the average, PacoGarcía. A professional musician, Pequi
Vidal, interested in finding out what is going on beyond the walls of
the Conservatoire. A vocational musician, Carmelo Hernández, willing to
use the musical language as a support to transfer cinematographic
emotions and sensations.

TT locked themselves in a top-floor flat of a building, which they gave
the meaningful name of ‘The Hyde´s Lab’. There, they worked feverishly
for 5 months preparing their live performance and composing a completely
original repertoire of which they left sonic witness in two rough cuts
(7 songs in total, included in this LP), and a jingle for the radio
programme, included in the Sampler Non Plus Ultra, also edited by
TT generated a sonic wall which, at real time and without pre-recorded
tapes, on 'strict live', left nobody indifferent. From the spectacular
'live' of TT there is an unpublished video of their last concert,
recorded precisely in Rock-Ola. The band broke up after that concert,
and the rehearsals of that concert have been exhumed in the documentary
by Antonio de Prada, ROCK-OLA, UNA NOCHE EN LA MOVIDA. That wasn't their
best concert as, little before the performance, Carmelo's Rickenbacker
was dammaged and they couldn't find another one on time. However, that
concert was one of the most glamorous ones; among the audience, there
were Pedro Almodóvar, Fabio McNamara, Alaska, Nacho Canut, Carlos
Berlanga, Paloma Chamorro and, basically, all the “Movida” celebrating
the New Year. We hope it will be possible to have it soon, for
everyone's delight.

The rules of TT were simple: ‘humans compose-programme, non-humans
execute it’. There was not a bass guitarist: a computer executed the
bass sounds. TT didn’t have a drummer, either, as only a drum machine
could follow those wretched patterns ‘four-on-the-floor’, between 120
and 150 bpm.
TT probably broke up because they were not capable of overcoming the
external pressure, riddled with interferences which harmed the trio’s
internal cohesion. Nevertheless, still nowadays, and without having been
able to enter a recording studio yet, TT continues to be an
unrepeatable, admired and valued group. Both Muzak / MegadeathExtrème
(two thirds of TT), and also RT-1(the remaining third) spread the
original sound of TT in their brilliant recordings. However, for both
proposals, TT has always been their failed subject, their origin and
their raison d’être.
Lou Cypher