“UV POP - No Songs Tomorrow kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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No Songs Tomorrow
Order-Nr.: mnq-028LP

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LP / Mannequin Records / 2012

Mannequin and Sacred Bones are honoured to join their forces to offer
you one of the best UK New Wave reissue from the 80's. UV PØP were an
early 80’s post-punk group from the South Yorkshire region of England.
Their sound was regionally bleak and they used staccato, angular guitars
lines, with vocals ranged from spoken repeated mantras to whispered and
shouted political poetics. An excerpt from the album’s liner notes
penned by JP Shea helps explain the political climate during which this
album was recorded: “In the 1980s there was nothing to smile about;
nothing to smile for. The person whom some called wrongly the iron lady
brought vengeful spiteful selfishness and a narrow-minded out- look into
all our lives. Instead of love and respect there was: a three-day
week, Miners strike, and The Falklands War. The sound of UV PØP has
always been a sophisticated blend of sadness; with morose North Country
sense and a humorous confrontational sensibility. So, you might ask why
‘No Songs Tomorrow’? There is the answer. UV PØP and John White were as
certain as anybody there was a strong possibility there might not be
anything left with which to make a tomorrow….The fight back, the
resistance came in the miners’ strike, on the streets of north Ireland
and in the sovereignty of popular culture. And, there was plenty of that
in Yorkshire and particularly in the southernmost parts of that region.
Working class poets had not all died with the Victorians. The Rough
Trade charts for one week in 1982 tell a very interesting story.
Alongside acts of the caliber of Sisters of Mercy, Robert Wyatt, Sex
Gang Children and Virgin Prunes are UV PØP, their place well-earned.”

We are honored to offer this reissue of their classic 1981 album and we
look forward to bringing the band over to play some key shows in NY, LA,
and Austin around this release.