“Drinking Electricity - Overload & Singles  kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Drinking Electricity
Overload & Singles 
Order-Nr.: MR-013

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2xLP / Medical Records / 2012

Medical Records proudly
presents the first in a series of unparalleled reissues originating
from the crucial Survival Records imprint. Survival Records is a UK
label now operating for over 30 years. Formed in 1981 by Anne-Marie
Heighway and David Rome, early releases included such iconic releases as
Tik & Tok, Play, Hard Corps, and Richard Bone. For the first
release in this series, Medical Records has fittingly chosen to present
the work of Drinking Electricity which is the project of label curators
Anne-Marie and David. David Rome previously had worked with Martin
Lloyd in the Analysis (later to be evolved into Oppenheimer Analysis).
Drinking Electricity formed in 1980 and released two singles on Pop
Aural before forming Survival which housed the rest of their output
during their two years as a band. Despite dissolving the band in 1982,
Survival carried on and boasts a diverse and fantastic roster of artists
even to this very day. This double LP collection showcases Drinking
Electricity's full LP "Overload" as well as compiling the band's
multiple singles. The first LP Overload was released in 1982 and has
been long out of print since its original pressing. The second LP
contains the singles released during the 1980-1982 period. The work of
Drinking Electricity can best be described as a perfect fusion of
minimal synth-based new wave with poignant, angular and stylized
guitar-driven post-punk. Touching on sociopolitical topics intertwined
into catchy, synth-heavy tracks that are also danceable, this collection
will appeal to fans of early Gang Of Four, OMD, Fad Gadget, and the
like. The 2nd track on Overload is the unstoppable "Discord Dance"
which displays a beautifully simple synth backing track that will set
the dance floor ablaze. "Good Times" is a track on Overload that was
reinterpreted and made popular recently by Crystal Castles with the
words to live by: "Good times keep rolling, got to dance to escape now".
The singles collection (LP two) contains an equally intriguing number
of interesting and consistently perfect tracks that fits perfectly
alongside the Overload LP. "Subliminal" and "Random Particles" were
released as a double A side 7" single and start the 2nd LP off with an
electric bang. This is the first time these tracks have been compiled
into one collection. 2nd LP also contains the "Shaking All Over" cover
of Johnny Kidd as well as remixes of "Good Times", "Breakout",
"Subliminal", and more. The LP is presented in a double gatefold jacket
with custom Drinking Electricity inspired artwork. Inner gatefold
jacket features a variety of pictures of the band during this period.
The release also features a bonus 2-sided insert with liner notes and
interview of the band by Dave Segal. Consider this mandatory listening.
Presented on high-quality double 180gram transparent colored vinyl (LP
one is red; LP two is yellow) in a limited edition of 650 hand-numbered


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