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LP / Dark Entries Records / 2012

Borghesia is an electronic music group, founded in 1982 in Ljubljana,
Slovenia. The band was formed by four members of alternative theatrical
group Theatre FV-112/15: Dario Seraval, Aldo Ivancic, Neven Korda and
Zemira Alajbegovic. They established FV Video to self-publish their
video projects and FV Založba – the first independent record label in
ex-Yugoslavia. Aldo and Dario took care of songwriting, production and
recording while Zemira and Neven handled the visuals. In the late 80s
the band signed to PIAS and went on to release a string of successful
albums and played world-wide tours.
“Clones” was Borghesia’s second album, self-released on cassette only in
1984. The band borrowed synthesizers (Roland SH-101, Casio VL-1, Korg
Polysix) and a Roland 808 drum machine from friends. Every song was
played live – no overdubs – and recorded to a cassette deck over a few
nights at their club Disco FV during 1983-1984. The music on “Clones” is
meant to accompany various video installations and performances. All of
the songs are instrumental and feature various cutting edge techniques
for 1983. Hypnotic, proto-techno and acid rhythms and synth lines. Music
on the A Side of the LP is faster and club oriented while the B Side
offers a drugged out soundtrack to get lost in.
All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy
Studios in Berkeley directly from the original master tape. Each LP is
housed in a silver jacket with original gelatin print by photographer
Jane Štravs. A 11×17 fold-out poster is included with unreleased photos
and more . After 28 years, Borghesia’s “music for video” is finally
appearing on vinyl for the first time.