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V.A.- 4 In 1 Volume 3 
Order-Nr.: EE26
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CD / EE-Tapes Records / 2012

lim. edition 500

Pseudo Code, BeNe GeSSeRiT, Messy Goes Insane, Human Flesh

CD | 13 tracks | EE Tapes cat# EE26 |

digipak 500 copies (release date 2012-09-01)


Long awaited follow-up to "4 In 1" (cassette 1982, Grafika Airlines) and "4 In 1 Volume 2" (LP 1982 Grafika Discs),

compiled by Alain Neffe (Insane Music, Belgium).

4 "Insane groups" on 1 CD!



3 more exclusive archive tracks (1981) from a unique Belgian trio



Brand new stuff recorded 2010-2011!

This husband & wife duo is back to active again, and everyone shall be aware after hearing this!



Latest "Insane group"....a
collaboration between Alain Neffe (music) and long-time female performer
MESSY (vocals, lyrics) from The Netherlands.

"Messy Vocal Magic", very recommended!



Ambitious long piece, close to an electronic opera in 7 parts!

Featuring the Italian voices of Francesco Paladino (A.T.R.O.X., Doubling Riders), Sandra Ramelli and

Annarosa Cortellini (opera singer) and music by Planetaldol, Flavien Gillié (JM Charcot, Finalcut) and

Pierluigi Andreoni (A.T.R.O.X., Doubling Riders).

Master Of Ceremony, lyrics: Alain Neffe

It took over 20 years to finish this track!