“Curt Crackrach/Ela Orleans - 80 Minutes Of Funk kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Curt Crackrach/Ela Orleans
80 Minutes Of Funk
Order-Nr.: CDR-TP-026

nur 8.50 EURO
(incl. 19% Mwst.)


Kassette / Clan Destine Records / 2012

limited to 100 copies

Curt Crackrach (aka Nattymari/Netnanny/Ron Hardly etc) brings us 40
minutes of library and movie archive influenced beats. A joyride through
underground sounds all held together by Curt's unique aspect to
production. With hints of the classic Warp records sound, hip hop,
outsider funk and acid house all fused together to make his own
signature sound.

Ela Orleans brings us 40 minutes of her
work for television, soundtracks and radio remixed and re imagined with
some new songs all woven together in this epic journey to some other
place. Amazing soundscapes collide with melody and an eerie knowledge of
sound, both found and composed. A wonderful trip indeed.