“Os Ovni/Twins - Votex To Void/Graphic Edition  kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Os Ovni/Twins
Votex To Void/Graphic Edition 
Order-Nr.: CDR-LP-010

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LP / Clan Destine REcords / 2012

limited to 250 copies with insert

have been listening to Logan Owlbeemoth and Omebi Velouria's project
for awhile now. First hearing them back when they were channelling the
'Space is the Place' vision of Sun Ra and his Arkestra via their
psychedelic synth jams with the group Telepathik Friend. Their sound has
really refined itself with the advent of Os Ovni. Space is still the
place and the psychedelics come thru in spades but now tempered with
brilliant vocal melodies and sugar sweet vocal interplay. Here Os Ovni
bring us a selection of tracks which fuse electronics and synth
experimentation with an almost pop sensibilty, and an aching meloncoly
exemplified best in their epic take on the Carpenters 'is this the end
of the world'. Vortex To Void indeed.

Matt Weiner while not holding
down beats and vocal duties with partner Elise Tippins in the excellent
duo Featureless Ghost records by himself as Twins. Upon sometimes
jaunty beatscapes washed over with colourful synths his distinctive
vocals tap into some suicidal almost yearning essence of synth punk. I
first heard Twins on his debut 'The Other Side Of Me'. Whilst a great
introduction to the darker aspects of Matt's mind, these new songs
collected here on his side as 'Graphic Edition' go miles ahead. Dark,
brooding and calling out for some future sci-fi dystopia, which we have
probably already arrived at.