“Lisfrank - Mask Rewind (+4)   kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Mask Rewind (+4)  
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CD / Anna logue Records / 2012

LISFRANK was an obscure one-man project from Savona area, Italy,
active from 1980 onwards but not releasing much music ever since apart
from a few tracks via the own Mask Productions label in 1982 and 1983.
The first and only LISFRANK stand-alone release was the 12”EP “Man Mask”
(Mask Productions, MKX 01, 1982), definitely one of the best and rarest
early 80’s minimal electro 12”s ever and on top of most want lists ever
since, including the super hit “It’s Life”, as well as “Violence in my
Mind”. “Man without Limits” appeared on the label’s equally rare and
sought-after vinyl LP sampler “First Relation” (Mask Productions, MKLP
02, 1983). Another very experimental track called “Ombre” was released
on the cassette compilation “The Voice/La Voce” (Area Condizionata AC2,
1983). That was the official story so far, even though LISFRANK was
truly a pioneering project with a live appearance at the so-called “New
Wave Party” in Savona, already in November 1980! So they were almost as
early as Florentine stars Neon. Anyway, it took Anna almost a lifetime
to track down LISFRANK - yeah, that was like before easy chat on
facebook and stuff... -, but with the key hint by Fulvio Delprato (thank
you so much again!), he was finally found and convinced to release an
album which has been entitled “Mask Rewind”, of which the LP+7" vinyl
version had sold out quickly why we now offer an extended CD version. It
captures the majority of recordings from 1980 onwards including "Ombre"
and three previously unreleased tracks from the early days. LISFRANK’s
early music is completely analogue electronics with drum machine (or
real drums on two tracks), very unique and each a track a classic of its
own kind. The early tracks until 1983 are rough and dark creating an
overall and coherent dark atmosphere throughout the whole album. The
1984/85 tracks “Stay with me” and “My Toy” were a bit more pop-oriented
and introducing the digital possibilities of the time. LISFRANK’s lyrics
are very dark and full of despair, dealing with personal fears,
self-perception and the problems arising from this and other human
interactions (“My mind is like a stormy sea – violent”, “Here is all my
bitterness”, “Man without limits – Sees hope die - Man without limits –
Sees darkness fall within”, “Imprisoned in a nightmare - My terror
becomes desperation” or “Your true identity upsets me”), or other topics
like ecological pollution (e.g. “I don’t want to breathe your smog - I
don’t want to breathe your poison”). All in all, this album is maybe one
of the most important and interesting ones ever coming out of Italy,
made by an intelligent person and great composer who has just finished
his new album 
“Elevator”, to be released in due time.
FYI: An alternative mix of “Identity” is also going to be released
these days on the LP sampler “Danza Meccanica – Italian Synth Wave
1982-1987” (Mannequin/In The Nighttime, MNQ 005/NT012, 2009).

CD features: limited edition of 300 copies only, four bonus tracks, revised artwork, mastered by Ton Willekes, standard CD jewel case.