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Ike Yard
Ike Yard
Order-Nr.: DSR050
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MLP / Desire Records / 2012 (1982)

Second pressing: 500 copies, white vinyl, double-sided printed 12x12" insert, printed inner-sleeve

Ike Yard was founded in 1979 in New York. The downtown art band
created a new sound by tapping into the UK post-punk dub of PiL and Joy
Division, the Neue Deutsche Welle of D.A.F., and the krautrock
experimentation of Can. Members were Stuart Argabright, Kenny Compton
(bass/vocals), Fred Szymanski (synthesizers/ programming) & Michael
Diekmann (guitar). Together they recorded for labels like Disques du
Crépuscule and Factory. Ike Yard dissolved at the beginning of 1983.
Their only album, Ike Yard also known as A Fact A Second is a classic
that still inspires post-punk bands and electronic producers. Released
in 1982 it was also the sole album to be issued by Factory US.

Ike Yard is now reissued in its original form : 6 tracks where the
drums were replaced by machines, guitars swapped for synthesizers and
vocals mostly processed through masses of effects.