“Twilight Ritual - Rituals kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Twilight Ritual
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LP / Onderstroom Records / 2012

Twilight Ritual's "Rituals" album is one of the best kept secrets of the
synthpop/coldwave movement. Sinister, Dark and a bunch of touching
melodies. Peter Bonne and Geert Coppens had already been playing for a
few years in other projects such as Autumn, Linear Movement and in 1985
they managed to create this stunning album. Highlights on the album
include I Never Called You A Dream, Rooms, Amorphous Materials, Closed
Circuit and.. well every other track.

When the LP was originally released by some awkward mistake the artwork
was printed in reverse (black became white and white became black). The
artwork is now restored to its original form, how it was intended to

This album was born at the height of the analogue era, when Geert and
Peter collected as much synths and recording devices as they could get
their hands on. Using the all-time favorite TR808 as rhythm provider,
sequencers and synces effects formed the basics for a unique sounding
album.  Sounds were processed in every possible unintended way,
recording layer over layer with voices, guitars and doubled keyboards
and solos. Instruments included TR-808, SH-2, Teisco 7, Jupiter 4,
JX-3P, Trilogy, Minimoog, Crumar Performer, Roland System-100, syndrums,
double cassete player, 2-track tape recorder, 4-track casette deck,
tape echo, phaser footpedal and manual flanger, some self built
switches, splitters and other weird materials.

* All tracks written and performed by Coppens/Bonne
* Originally recorded at Studio Attne C 1984-1985
* Engineered, produced by Peter Bonne
* Artwork (original and rew) by Twilight Ritual
* Remastered by Anders Peterson
* Edition of 500 copies
* Insert with lyrics