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Kinit Her
The Cavern Stanzas
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LP / RuR-Tonträger (TuT-Tonträger) / 2013

um Reue #R.U.R. 032, MLP - dark orange marbled vinyl - 2 tracks - in
double-sided, extra thick fold out sleeve - lim. ed. 200, hand-numbered)
from Madison, Wisconsin, Nathaniel Ritter and Troy Schafer of KINIT HER
have been journeying together since 2006 on a path that is evidently as
spiritual as it is musical.  Known for their involvement with a great
many projects within and around the remarkable BRAVE MYSTERIES label
few), the two have also earned a lot of attention last year with the
majestic debut of their new, more folk-orientated guise of WREATHES. But
KINIT HER remains the duo’s favourite incarnation when it comes to
letting otherworldly forces speak through their music, and this new
album is no exception. Essentially improvised, The Cavern Stanzas call
to us from the heart of a holy mountain, resounding with tribal
percussions, mystic chants and deep incantations. The enthralling
melange of vinyl loops, organic sounds and acoustic instrumentation
calls to mind the hallucinogenic fumes of a shamanic ritual, relieved by
the lighter trance of a Rhodes Mark I keyboard or a desert-dream
guitar, sweeping in like a warm summer breeze from the valley. A unique
experience where ancient spirits, progressive folk and tribal lounge