“ADN´Ckrystall - Musique Atomique Sans Surveillance kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Musique Atomique Sans Surveillance
Order-Nr.: TUT027
Angebot : 17.00 Euro

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LP / Treue um Treue Records / 2013

lim. edition 259 copies

purple haze vinyl - in disco-sleeve + double-sided fold-out sleeve

CKRYSTALL aka Erick Moncollin surely does not need much of an
introduction. Every self-respecting minimal wave fan and synth nerd will
have heard of the French synth-wizard who jammed with Tim Blake and
Vangelis on a MS-20 prototype in the late 70s and whose 1982 cult album
“Jazz’Mad” is considered a landmark in the history of underground
electronic music. After a pause in the 90s (during which Moncollin
became active in the trance and ambient-techno scene under the name Dr.
STRANGE), several brilliant albums were released in the 2000s on Anna
Logue Records, La Forme Lente and Erick’s own ADN and Ysil’Prod labels.
Treue um Treue is honoured to present the project’s sixth full-length.
“Musique Atomique Sans Surveillance” is a highly skilful, playful yet
authentic blend of 70s prog synth, early 80s minimal electro and 90s
techno, flowing with ease from library lounge music to spacey weird-wave
to electronic exotica, reminiscent at times of BERNARD SZAJNER and
CLAUDE LARSON. The spiciest note of this delicious psychotropic cocktail
is of course Erick’s unmistakable, demented yet committed
Deutsch-Frenglish lyrics, which make of ADN’ CKRYSTALL such a unique