“Kefalaio 24 - Meres Argias kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Kefalaio 24
Meres Argias
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LP / Eirikti Records / 2013

lim. edition 321 copies

 on stools, knocking doors on roofless
 without memory for the next day within formalin

 Sounds and/in Kefalaio 24: A group of artful
 (non)secretive peculiarities. A group of (un)covered
 polysemous sound
 deviations as those gather and scatter forming a vibrant
 artistic exquisite corpse
 for the participating listeners. Emersions and submersions
 of sound whirls
 impregnated with an unexpectedly intimate and intimately
 unexpected surrealistic
 versification and all this… placed within a broader
 context of obscure
 electronic and new wave reality. A band formed in
 1982 in Ioannina (a city
 situated in the north-east part of Greece),
 Kefalaio 24 (a.k.a.
 Chapter 24), first depicted their deviating approach
 in 1985 through
 their participation in the “0651”
 music collection. In this collection, released by the
 Ioannina-based tape label Βάρκα Tapes,
 Kefalaio 24
 participated with the tracks “Στη
 σήραγγα” (i.e., In
 tunnel), “Μία
 (i.e., A mass) και
 “Η μυστηριώδης εξαφάνιση
 του Ερμή” (i.e., Hermes’
 mysterious disappearance), three mysterious and
 sacramentally delirious
 compositions. More specifically, minimalistic electronic
 (among others)
 compositions that not only differentiated the group within
 the Greek
 underground scene of that era, but also contributed to the
 gradual formulation of
 a special sound-genre in the north-east part of the country
 few months later, Βάρκα Tapes released
 the group’s same-titled tape “Kefalaio
 24” comprised of the
 compositions titled: “Μέρες
 (i.e., vacation
 days), “Η
 άποψη του
 καθρέπτη” (i.e.,
 perspective) και “Περιορισμένη ορατότητα” (i.e.,
 visibility). Three tracks in
 total that cleverly demonstrate the group’s dark-oriented
 direction.  It would approximately take
 three years (1988) till the band finally released its first
 full work titled
 “Tin Invaders”. Two additional albums are to follow in
 the next two decades. In
 particular, the album titled “Το
 ευρετήριο των
 (i.e., The index of coincidences) was released
 in 1995 while in 2006 the “Drop in / Drop out”
 was released. Finally, in 2011 the group in
 collaboration with the musician
 Philippe Petit will release a further
 musical work titled “The red giant meets the white
 dwarf”. The
 present edition accumulates Kefalaio 24’s early
 compositions which are especially significant from a
 historical and an
 inspirational standpoint. Furthermore, two additional
 previously unreleased
 tracks “Ο Μάης
 δεν θα’ρθει” (i.e., May will
 not come) και
 nursery) are included which actually see the light of
 day for the first
 time almost three decades after their conception. In fact,
 those tracks in a
 masterful and instrumentally sound manner depict the
 group’s additional aspects,
 as flash touches in an overall atmospheric musical horizon.
 Comes in a limited
 edition of 321 numbered blue
 transparent-colored vinyl