“Blablarism - Agnostodynis kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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LP / Fabrika Records / 2013


Blablarism is Oksana Zmorovytch from Kiev.She creates a music elixir
based on shoegazy ghosts and drone labyrinths.This is her first full LP
and contains some older songs blended with new ethereal stories. The
fact that she is from Kiev, affects her music ,adding endless landscapes
of grey, tradition blended with New Modern Ways and intriguing
mythology. There is something mystical about Blablarism's music.It
sometimes appears as common as an old shoegaze record you have played
one millions times on your teenage room, then suddenly turns to a cold
wave anthem with incomprehensible almost pagan vocals and gloomy,
fustian synths. Blablarism can also be described as experimental
electronica ,although the synthesis is somehow wisely structured and
moderated with caution.The stories on this album are all like a personal
diary written, not with words but with noises.And this private pieces
of her are accompanied with romantic visuals and associative aesthetics
in order to guide you into her heart. If you are searching for pureness
and crystal clear sensitivity in an artist, then you will love this
record.Dark electronica with reverberating guitars, gloomy synthetic
sounds and blackened bass themes. The LP will be released in 500 hand
numbered, limited copies. Info: www.facebook.com/blablarism