“M!R!M - Heaven  kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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LP / Fabrika Records / 2013


M!R!M begun as a duet in 2011 and created a huge buzz around their name
instanly.Today M!R!M is a 23 year old boy, named Iacopo Bertelli.His
music was generously tagged as “post punk”, however the layers of it
make any categorization ,a difficult matter. Bertelli, created “Heaven”
in his bedroom ,trapped inside four walls of loneliness and fear of what
the future may bring.Haunted by the Jesus and Mary Chains ' dirty
guitar sounds, the New M!R!M keeps the powerful, dynamics of their older
work intact, but upgrades it ,adding the most essential ingredient in
creating good music: The Passion. “Heaven” is literally Bertelli's
personal hell, and all his songs seem to feed on his subconscious,
creating a doomed, vulgar, acid world with whispers that become screams
and guitar effects blend with inner voices and synths.

You will
be surprised many times ,listening to “Heaven”. You might find traces of
SUICIDE 's frenzy, WIRE's straight forwardness and DNA 's nihilism.You
might as well be surprised by the noir wave duet with Nathalie Bruno
(from the promising band ,PHOSPHOR),one of the highlights of the LP.
M!R!M 's “Heaven” is definitely worth the wait of those who already new
the band and a great introduction to all of those who search for a
dirty, violently personal sound. The Cover is made by contempory artist,
Zigendemonic. The LP will be released in 500,hand numbered, limited
copies. Band info : http://wearemrm.bandcamp.com/