“Big Ben Tribe - Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Big Ben Tribe
Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights
Order-Nr.: DE-057

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(incl. 19% Mwst.)


12inch / Dark Entries Records / 2014 (1984)

The next 12″ in Dark Entries Editions is a hard to find Italo Disco
club hit. Big Ben Tribe are a trio formed in Trieste, Italy in 1983. The
line-up is: Ricky Persi (bass), Stefano Previsti (computers and drum
machine), Renato Posani (guitar & D.J).Their name is taken from the
Disco Club ‘Big Ben’ in Trieste, the place where Renato Posani worked
every night.

“Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights” was recorded in Milan in the Spring
of 1983 and released on Gong Records in 1984. The band created their
signature sound using a Mini Moog, Prophet 5, Korg Synthesizer,
LinnDrum, Alembic Bass and Fender Stratocaster. Guest vocalist Clara
Moroni softly sings about a romantic jungle dream adventure where she is
living with the handsome and brave Tarzan. Strong LinnDrum percussion
serves as a counterpoint to the infectious vocal melody and catchy synth
hooks. The B-side features an instrumental version with extended breaks
and dubbed out bass lines.

Both songs are remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios
in Berkeley. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy jacket with original
artwork of a female model lying on the floor grabbing the leg of a
mannequin. Each copy includes an insert with lyrics, photos and liner
notes by Ricky Persi. “Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights” will transport
you to a fantasy world full where you can find your own muscle man to