“Lè Travo - Erring And Errant kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Lè Travo
Erring And Errant
Order-Nr.: DE-056
Angebot : 18.50 Euro

nur 10.50 EURO
(incl. 19% Mwst.)


LP / Dark Entries Records / 2013 (1985)

Lè Travo is the brainchild of Patrick Bollen from Tienen, Belgium. As
a teenager in the early 1980s, Patrick would visit “DeAtelier”, the
infamous coldwave/gothic club in Leuven. He would be inspired by Joy
Division and other Factory releases, The Danse Society and Cocteau
Twins. He gathered a some session musicians and a female backup
vocalist. They recorded with live drums, TR-808 drum machine, Roland
JX3P synthesizer, electric guitar and bass. Eventually Patrick bought a
Greengate DE-3 sampler, using the brains of an Apple 2E with a keyboard
bolted onto it. He crafted loops made from a deconstructed upright
piano, hitting the strings directly with a drum stick.

Lè Travo made their first appearance on a split LP with Fred A in
1984. “Erring and Errant” is their debut 7 song LP originally released
in 1985. For the reissue 3 bonus songs from the split LP have been
added. The songs are coldwave in the vein of Weimar Gesang, Opera Multi
Steel, and Clan of Xymox. Guitar, bass and sample interplay with piano
and synthesizers with dark and forbidding crescendos in the fast
numbers, and elegaic melancholy in the slow tracks. The vocals are
delivered with a sense of urgency, while the lyrics are inspired by
avant-garde movements such as futurism and constructivism, as well as
science fiction and existentialism.

All songs have been transferred from the original reel to reels and
carefully remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in
Berkeley. The vinyl comes housed in a glossy jacket with original
artwork as well as a fold-out poster with lyrics and photos. Lè Travo is
derived from French word “les travaux”, which means : the works, a
fitting name for this compilation of lost music from the Belgian