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LP / Medical Records / 2014 (1982)

Medical Records presents a reissue of one of Germany’s most
interesting records. The German duo Aloa only made one album in 1982 but
it is one of the most peculiar and innovative records of the Neue
Deutsche Welle movement. Long out of print, somewhat obscure, and very
expensive, this record is due for an official reissue. The duo
consisting of Al Kanz and Matthias Brendel both grew up in Kassel,
Germany. Though both had different tastes of music, they fused
influences and injected them into their own unique blend when they
purchased Roland 606 and 808 drum machines plus a Sequential Circuits
Prophet 5. After much development and evolution, the Aloa project came
to life. The album explores a whole spectrum of textures, moods, and
atmospheres. Ranging from dark complex synth-out tracks to diverse
instrumentation-laced almost Krautrock motifs, this album is definitely
one of kind. From the commanding first track “Weisser Wal” with it’s
almost Bryan Ferry style vocals to the atmospheric “Banane Zitrone”, the
twists and turns are endless. This is a very sultry record as well
evidenced by the band’s constant obsession with sexy women who occupied
their time. Definitely will appeal to fans of The Residents, Neue
Deutsche Welle, and anything and everything that lives in the outer
reaches of synth territory. Sadly the record was overlooked and
misunderstood by the press and radio stations alike likely due to it’s
obvious unorthodox and experimental interpretation of synthpop. Restored
and mastered from the original master tapes by Klearlight Studios.
Presented on high-quality 180gram heavyweight green vinyl. Features
bonus LP insert with liner notes by Dave Segal. Limited Edition.