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Music For Aliens Ears
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LP / EM Records / 2014 (1979)


"Martoc, aka Martin O'Cuthbert, has been making alien and alienated
synth-pop in the UK since the post-punk period. This compilation gathers
six songs released on seven-inch EPs during the years 1978-80, plus
four songs released during the first decade of this century. The tracks
show a distinctive stylistic unity, inspired by fellow spirits like Fad
Gadget, The Normal, John Foxx and Kraftwerk; across the decades Martoc
has maintained both his close relationship with his synthesizers and an
arms-length relationship with society, resulting in an appealingly
quirky and individualistic iciness, informed also by his love of science
fiction writers such as J. G. Ballard and Iain Banks. One of the songs
included here, "B.E.M.S.", was chosen as Record Of The Year by John
Lydon in New Musical Express in 1978; John Peel was also a supporter.
Despite these and other accolades, Martoc and his simultaneously catchy
yet disturbing music has hovered resolutely under the radar, an alien
craft avoiding detection by an unaware and perhaps unprepared world.
Gathered together here, this collection of tracks offers an excellent
opportunity investigate an alien explorer." (label info) compiled by
Tamotsu Mochida, the author of Industrial Music for Industrial People
(2013), newly remastered, with linernotes