“Bruta Non Calculant - La Que Sabe kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Bruta Non Calculant
La Que Sabe
Order-Nr.: TUT029
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LP / TuT Tonträger / 2014


LP – black vinyl – ltd +/- 300 copies

the wonderful „World In A Tear“ LP released earlier this year on
Cititrax/Minimal Wave, Treue um Treue are happy and proud to present the
second album by BRUTA NON CALCULANT, thus resuming their collaboration
with the French duo of Alaxis Andreas G. (once known as Le Syndicat
Electronique and mastermind of Invasion Planete) and his blood brother
V-Y (Age, Swesor Bhrater, De Frontanel).

IOSOPHIS to SHINY BLACK MATER, many eclectic projects have charmed and
surprised us since Alaxis Andreas G. made his discreet reappearance on
the musical scene. But none has had the fullness, maturity and deeply
unique musical voice of BRUTA NON CALCULANT, which appears as a
sublimation of all that has come before, like the completion of an
alchemical Great Work. Leaving behind the folk elements present in World
In A Tear, this new album blends with instinctive ease hypnotic third
wave rhythm box beats, big muff fuzz and esoteric lyrics into a
masterpiece which is both lyrical and intensely ritual, drenched in this
aura of mystery characteristic of the brothers’ recent works.
Thematically inspired by the myth of the wolf-woman, La Que Sabe (“the
one who knows”) is an album about initiatory death, the passage through
the wolf’s cave leading up to spiritual rebirth and Liberation. It
proves Alaxis Andreas G. to be one of the few contemporary artists
capable of constant renewal, each new step on the musical path as
thrilling as ever.

Comes with a superb artwork by Sophie Lécuyer.