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Art Fine
Dark Silence
Order-Nr.: DE-065

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12inch / Dark Entries Records / 2014 (1985)


Art Fine was the duo of Fabrice Bellini (electronics, vocals) and
Rush Blakemann (guitar, synthesizer) from Tuin, Italy. They met in art
school and became friends, inspired by New Wave, dance and electronic
music. They recorded their only single “Dark Silence” in November of
1984, which was released by Discomagic in 1985. Fabrice programmed the
electronic drums using SCI Drumtraks and added extra tracks on the
Simmons SDSV. Rush played electric guitar and the Yamaha piano notes at
the start of the song. Guest musicians Silvano Borgatta and Riccardo
RosaThe “da da da da da” voice effect was done by engineer Gigi
Guerrieri, who cut and spliced a tape rather than using a sampler, which
was too expensive at the time. “Dark Silence” tells the love story of
beautiful girl who Fabrice saw many times but could not reach. He called
her Dark Silence, for her dark hair and eyes and the silence unwanted
between them. The B-side features a remixed version with extended breaks
and dubbed out bass lines and vocals.

Both songs are remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios
in Berkeley. The vinyl is housed in the original jacket featuring a
photo of the duo and that Art Fine logo in puzzle pieces. Each copy
includes a double sided postcard insert with lyrics and liner notes by
Fabrice Bellini.