“((Pressures))/Roladex - Split EP kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Split EP
Order-Nr.: MR-030
Angebot : 11.00 Euro

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7inch / Medical Records/Disko Obscure Records / 2014



Medical Records in close collaboration with Disko Obscura Records
presents a special split 7” showcasing 1 new track each by ((PRESSURES))
and Roladex. ((PRESSURES)) hails from New Orleans, LA. They craft
their unique futuristic icy tracks on a museum’s worth of analog synths
and drum machines. This release follows their first LP on Disko
Obscura entitled “Casting Shadows”. Their contribution “The Voices” is a
propulsive and dripping with synth textures track featuring vocoded
vocals. Roladex (a veteran of Medical Records already with their
“Anthems For the Micro-Age” LP) hails from Seattle by way of Texas.
Blending girl/boy vocals with catchy pop hooks drenched in a seductive
melancholy, Roladex also uses a plethora of vintage gear. “Glass
Statuette” is their new track for this 7” and features their signature
sound with a bit of an evolution into Moroder-esque cascading arpeggios.
Fans of both artists will surely want this in their collection.
Features original artwork for the “double A side” on foldover insert
style by both artwork that nicely complements the music contained
therein. Pressed on high quality transparent yellow vinyl. Mastered by
Martin Bowes at the Cage, UK. Limited Edition.