“Red Asphalt - s/t kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Red Asphalt
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LP / Synthetic Shadows Records / 2014 (1981)


Asphalt was a San Francisco musical group, which formed in 1978 and
dissolved in 1982. Their first live performance took place at SF’s
famous Deaf Club. They performed at venues such as Mabuhay Gardens,
Sound of Music, On Broadway, Le Disque, The I-Beam, Elite Club and
others. They released a 7″ EP on Egg and Anvil in 1981 which included
four tracks. They’re also heard on the compilation LP Live at Le Disque
(Jump Records), and more recently, on the cd compilations “High Road to
Obscurity, Vol.1 (Grand Theft Audio), and “Homework #2″ (Hyped to
While the original group contained neither bass
nor lead vocalist, the longest-lived and most-beloved lineup was that
of: Ron Hanik – guitar, Ted Johnson – drums, Scott Davey – synthesizers,
Trina James – vocals, Bruno DeMartis – bass. Besides the above, Megan
Mitchell sang with the band (she’s heard on the EP), and Andy Anders and
LX Rudis played bass.Hanik, Johnson, Davey, DeMartis and Rudis all
currently reside in San Francisco and continue to make music.