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LP / Medical Records / 2015


lim. edition

Medical Records presents a very special release and selection of works from
Austin, Texas’ undiscovered and never before released electronic/ambient
artist Kitty from the early 1990s.  This band should have had a proper
release in the 90s, so for a lot of people, this is a long overdue
accomplishment. Formed in 1994 by guitarists Dain Luscombe and Brandon
Loe, the band eventually became a trio with the inclusion of drummer
Clint Thorman. Over a handful of four-track cassettes, CDR’s, and one
unreleased EP, Kitty developed a sound unique even in the burgeoning
psychedelic and electronic music scene that occurred along the I-35
corridor from Austin, Texas north to Denton as well as a rabid cult
following.  From their earliest performances as a three-piece, it was
apparent that Kitty’s music put them in a peerage of electronic and
experimental acts coming out of the UK like Seefeel and Insides rather
than another Texan 13
th Floor Elevators style psych band. Not that Kitty was without distortion
or psychedelia.  Track 1, “Harrison” has both elements and is culled
from the band’s unreleased EP.  It erupts with a momentous throb of
noise that grinds through the build up and at its instrumental chorus,
lifts to soar.  The track ends with an accelerating rave-up that’s less
go-go and more electronic auto accident. The delicate and
often-flirtatious delivery of vocalist Dain Luscombe is introduced on
“Eva,” also from 1996’s unreleased EP.  However influenced by the pop
sensitivities of Morrisey and then Smiths, Kitty’s music represented a
progression, where the opening sentiment of the lyric hangs for one
pregnant moment before a tiny glacier of sounds crush the melody out by
its duration. “Aquarena” showcases a fair bit of tape bleed, sounding
like the flip side of a friend’s mix tape until the Farfisa heavy,
ambient drone takes overtakes it, buries it, twists and corrupts it,
redefining the cassette tape saturation by the end of the song as a
place to nest and contemplate the journey. “Rosannarquette” is Kitty at
their funkiest and most energetic.  Its metronomic and frantic throb was
a familiar staple of their live shows and would often set the audience
to dancing in venues where big-assed beers and cigarettes were more
common pastimes. Late in the B-side we get a hint at a different band
entirely with “Stella” and “Heartofmine.”  These were possibly the last,
distinctively rockist moments Kitty exhibited before hitting its stride
and leaving the safety of traditional song structures for more
experimental progressions. “Herzog” represents the band at its peak. 
Electronics burble, rhythms build mathematically, and sound moves in
lines and waves.  Then it all careens to a stop, once again leaving us
hanging, before tossing us into a tape-splice break and a final return
of enveloping electronics.  Fans of acts such as the aforementioned
Seefeel, Insides as well as other pioneering works by Flying Saucer
Attack and A.R. Kane will adore this collection. Mastered by Martin
Bowes at the Cage Studios, UK.  Presented on high-quality 180gram
heavyweight blue vinyl.