“ADN´Ckrystall - Regroupage kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Order-Nr.: HE003
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2xLP & 7inch / Horizonte Especial Records / 2015


Limited Edition Double LP pressed in 140gram vinyl of 265 hand numbered copies, (released by Horizonte Espectral [cat. #HE003-HOLMES] ), with gatefold sleeve 350 grams with pvc cover, with 2 insert 12”x12" of history of Regroupage Compilation, information and lyrics. This double LP (21 track album) compiles all singles A/B & Compilations tracks (1984-2014) directly from original masters. 

Includes Limited Edition Exclusive 7” of 265 hand numbered copies, (released by Horizonte Espectral [cat. #HE003-HOLMES/SG], & SINCRONICA [cat. #SINCRO-SG/002] ) with 4 new songs of ADN’ Ckrystall, composed and recorded exclusively for this compilation, includes colour sleeve and pvc cover. Includes insert with lyrics. 

This release also includes Astro-Postal with hand numbered serial number, and download coupon in colour paper. Also includes a exclusive ADN' Ckrystall postal designed and sealed by Érick Moncollin. 
Mastered by Xergio Cordoda at Eternal Midnight Mastering Studio (except A4, A5). 

D-50, SH-101, DX-27, PRO-ONE, 100-F, Multiman S-2, Juno-60, Mini-Synth, CRB 742 Diamond, MS-10 Proto, Mirage, KR-33, KR-55, CR-8000, VT-1, MXR Phasing & Boss Flanger, D202 Delay.