“Sound & Vision - Golden Years kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Sound & Vision
Golden Years
Order-Nr.: WET022
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kassette / wool-e tapes / 2015


released on the occasion of cassette store day 2015. limited to 75 copies. 

hailing from the belgian waasland 
area, sound & vision bring you a 
mixture of danceable beats and old 
school 80s new wave music. 
lieven is the mastermind behind 
walhalla records and its 
‘underground wave’ compilations. 
tom is mostly known for his 
membership of acts such as fata 
morgana, agent 69 and natural 
born deejays. 
the 4 songs on this tape were 
originally recorded for aimé le 
chevalier, the dj A1ter ego of 
lieven, but are now part of the 
repertoire of sound & vision.