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Solitude FX ‎– Synthesiz
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Kassette / Treue um Treue Tonträger / 2016


C77 professional Chrome Plus tape - silk-screened transparent blue shell - 3-panel J-card - in norelco case - lim. ed. of 100 hand-numbered copies.

About 14 years ago Marc P. Schaffer and Orpheo Weidelt-Baur from SOLITUDE FX met at weekends and started jamming around with their beloved synthesizers. On this first of two volumes in the "Synthesizer Session" series they merely used two Korg Poly-61 and a Roland TR-808, played almost everything by hand, drinking lots of beer, thus creating 9 magnificent instrumental neo-romantic synth-wave epics, highly representative of that strange but beautiful turn of the millennium. Included here are two tracks from a 2003 jam session (including the brilliant "Huginn and Muninn" which has been haunting us for more than a decade). File under: dreamy night-driving tunes.