“V.A.: Cosmographia Vol.1 (International Cassette Culture) kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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V.A.: Cosmographia Vol.1 (Inte
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LP / Ex Machina Records (Domestica) / 2018


Edition of 400. Die-cut 400-gr cardboard jacket. All the elements on the cover have been hand stamped. Includes download code.

"Lejanas Mareas", "To Anzil" and "Cántico" are taken from the self-produced cassette 'La Máscara' (1987).

”Torture Day" is a live recording from the Anti-tones Festival at the Paradiso, Amsterdam. Aad De Mooi and Hans Meyer played on this gig too. “On a Northern Shore” is a home studio recording with Robby Horsfall on guitar. Both tracks date back to 1984 and are first-ever releases in any format.

"Clarinet Backwards" and "Das Gift" come from their self-titled only album Collectionism (Independance, cassette, 1986). Collectionism appeared on several cassette compilations and even on a vinyl one, 'Der Sampler' (Independance, 1987), with a different version of "Das Gift".