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Enid Fleurette Et Poussiere
Participer A Une Observation
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7inch / Treue um Treue Records / 2013

black vinyl - 2 tracks - 16-page booklet - lim. ed. of 200 hand-numbered copies

FLEURETTE ET POUSSIERE is the first musical endeavour of a man who,
without being a musician himself, has dedicated most of his life to
music; a man whose perspective until now has been that of an
indefatigable seeker of lost musical treasures, and whose work has been
instrumental in the revival of the 80s electronic underground: Jörg
Steinmeyer, better known in minimal electro circles as Dr KERNKRACH.
Aided by Joachim Saleina on guitar, he delivers on this debut 7” two
tracks of pure 80s reminiscence: side A swings between early 80s DIY
industrial à la CABARET VOLTAIRE and SUICIDE-like no wave neurosis,
while side B is all murky weirdo batcave in best TROP TARD style.
“Participer à une observation” is conceived as the soundtrack to a
series of black and white photographs, taken by Jörg both at home and
abroad along the years and presented here in a 16-page booklet. True 80s
music from a true 80s man!