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Angebot der Woche/OFFER OF THE WEEK

Neuheiten / New Arrivals Vinyl:
Ride The Wave III
Order-Nr.: OR067
Rosegarden Funeral Party ̴ NEW
Once In A While
Order-Nr.: OR65
Downwell ‎ NEW
I See Death In Your Eyes
Order-Nr.: OR66
Flesh & Fell ‎ NEW
Order-Nr.: LLR 007
Cry ‎ NEW
Fire Me
Order-Nr.: DR-036
Yobkiss NEW
The Remains of a Gone Optimism
Order-Nr.: MR-084
Pinoreks ‎ NEW
Indifferent Topics
Order-Nr.: MR012
Years Of Denial ‎ NEW
Suicide Disco
Order-Nr.: VEYL012
Der Moderne Man ‎ NEW
Order-Nr.: Rocket 008
The Detox Twins ‎ NEW
Dead Horse Ghost
Order-Nr.: PY103
Popsimonova NEW
After The Fall
Order-Nr.: EE029

Order-Nr.: IPV001
Tens Across the Board
A Projection ‎ NEW
Order-Nr.: MET1198
Dark Day ‎ NEW
Darkest Before Dawn
Order-Nr.: DE-263
The Arch ‎ NEW
Order-Nr.: WED063
Niki Mono ‎ NEW
Contradictions Are A Luxury
Order-Nr.: ANT112
Mark Lane ‎ NEW
She Glows
Order-Nr.: I-19-109
Black Marble ‎ NEW
Bigger Than Life
Order-Nr.: SBR-234
She Pleasures Herself ‎ NEW
Order-Nr.: MD114
Box + The Twins ‎ NEW
Order-Nr.: SR015
Minuit Machine ‎ NEW
Live & Destroy
Order-Nr.: SR014
Rue Oberkampf ‎ NEW
Christophe Philippe
Order-Nr.: YCR/052LP
Free Range ‎ NEW
King Of Snake
Order-Nr.: OE-001

Willkommen im Kernkrach-Shop!

Wir bieten hier neben unseren eigenen Veröffentlichungen auch solche befreundeter Labels aus dem Elektro-Bereich an.

Außerdem haben wir verschiedene Raritäten aus den 80er Jahren im Angebot.

Ergänzt wird unserer Shop durch einige Punk-Veröffentlichungen.

Viel Spaß beim Stöbern


next up-date Sunday, December 15th


NEW in Münster:


Hansaring 5
open: 12am-6pm
(wednesdays, fridays & saturdays)


out now:

*** IMAGE OF LIFE - Attended By Silence LP (hertz054) ***
*** V.A. - POP, die Platte LP (hertz10965) ***

last copies:

V.A.- Rekordfahrt Negativ Vol.2 LP (FKK10.006)
1 last copy!
Mängelexemplar - Auf und davon LP 
4 last copies!
Silent Signals - Infiltration Of Love LP (hertz052)
8 last copies!

Konstantin Unwohl - Ich würd lieber nicht 7inch (hertz057)
5 last copies!


still hot:

Nao Katafuchi - Stahlgrau LP
QEK Junior - Druschba LP
Messieurs Bricolage - Tool Box LP 
Inox Kapell - Werkschoh 2xLP
Equinoxious - Limite Voltaico LP
DELOS - Microcosmos LP
Tata Technikk/Werner Karloff - Split LP 

UFO Hawai/Fred & Luna - Zeichen der Zeit (Tribute to Knusperkeks)






*** IMAGE OF LIFE - Attended By Silence LP 
*** V.A. - POP, die Platte LP ***



=> Über weitere 500 Tonträger radikal reduziert! very special offer for a lot of records/CD/tapes!!!

last arrivals (hot):

V.A.- Ride The Wave III 12inch
Rosegarden Funeral Party - Once In A While 12inch
Downwell - I See Death InYour Eyes 12inch
Flesh & Fell - Icarus LP

last arrivals (last weeks):

The Detox Twins - Dead Horse Ghost LP
Years Of Denial - Suicide Disco 2xLP
CRY - Fire Me 7inch
Der Moderne Man - Unmodern LP
Yobkiss - The Remains Of A Gone Optimism LP
Pinoreks - Indifferrnt Topics LP

Back in stock:

PLastix - Kosumier mich 7inch
Mark Lane - She Glows 7inch
Boy Harsher - Country Girl LP
Whispering Sons - Endless Party LP
Aimless Device - Hard To Be Nice 12inch
Aimless Device - Mud In Your Eye 12inch
Agent Side Grinder - X/A LP
De Ambassade - Duistre Kamers LP
Actors - It Will Come To You LP
Bragolin - I Saw Nothing Good So I Left LP
V.A.- Underground Wave Vol.6 LP
The Bernie & The Jörgi - Album für die Jugend LP
Coldreams - Morning Rain 7inch


Methods Of Dance - s/t 7/12inch (January)
Amato - Mechanismes Vol.1 12inch (December)
V.A.- Wave Earplug Vol.4 (April)
Rosegarden Funeral Party - Once In A While 12inch (December)
Downwell - I See Death In Your Eyes 12inch (December)
V.A.- Ride The Wall III 12inch (December)
Marta Raya - Reflections (January)
No New Dawn - Double Dream LP (December)
Mängelexemplar - 4.album (April)
Convex Model - 2.album (March)
Tornische - Interiorismo LP (December)
V.A.- Schwarze Schweiz 2xLP (December)
Widdendream - Wave Of Silence LP (May)
V.A.- Kosmonauts LP (June/July)

and many more!



order more than 50 Euro = 1x 7inch or MCD for free!
order more than 100 Euro = 1x LP or CD for free
(we choose from!)