“Octavius - Laws kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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LP / Mannequin Records 2011

Limited edition 500 copies, 16 pages booklet


barren and difficult, OCTAVIUS' Laws arrives in stark contrast to synth
pop-derived efforts of recent fashion. Informed specifically by
Bowie's Low, New Order's Movement and Tricky's Pre-Millennium Tension,
Laws is OCTAVIUS in a daringly raw, beats and noise and vocals only

Laws features significant musical contributions from DJ/Producer
Barbeau, who has worked with Doc Martin, Les Rhythmes Digitales, Donald
Glaude and is the producer behind Hollywood sex act Dirty Sanchez's
sound. The album also includes a number of other collaborators,
including No'a Winter Lazerus (producer/engineer for Pink Floyd, Laurie
Anderson, Michael Jackson and Tom Waits), Data Bomb (Skinny Puppy and
Otto von Schirach collaborator) and Jay Sonic (HOTTUB, LeHeat Records).


Initiated in 1998 for William Marshall's efforts in music and visual
art, OCTAVIUS has since developed into a platform for the work of many
talented musicians. Marshall's input is a product of Mark Rothko's
immense floating rectangles, Squarepusher's noise sculptures and David
Lynch's scores & cinema. His writing is all San Francisco sneer,
L.A. lust and Oakland grime delivered in a cadence that rivals Mark E.
Smith for sheer audacity or Tricky for fractured, wasted brilliance.
Through modified samplers, traditional instruments and software editing,
OCTAVIUS aims to create music of conceptual depth and technical skill
that remains urgent, relevant and accessible. Following Audio Noir, his
universally acclaimed Mush Records debut, OCTAVIUS entered a 3-year
performance hiatus to explore new models of recording and releasing

During this time he became involved in the music technology arena with
Avid Technology and the development of Pro Tools. In 2009, Marshall
became Creative Director of CNTRL Limited, a boutique record company
that specializes in releasing the work of Black American avant-garde