“Collateral - Ctrl5 / Ctrl3 kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Ctrl5 / Ctrl3
Order-Nr.: dsr035
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12inch / Desire Records / 2012

lim. edition 300 copies, white vinyl

Collateral is a mixed Parisian trio, polarised between synthetic
hints and electric inspirations. Qualified experts in melancholic dance
music (majoring in suburbian minimal wave and Italians Do It Better
productions), they have remixed artists such as Keren Ann, Arnaud
«Blackstrobe» Rebotini, Chad Valley or Tanlines, and recorded a couple
of EPs in association with the blazing producer Villeneuve (collaborator
of M83, Anoraak, Team Ghost...). First one will be released in April
2012 by desire. Performing live, they can rely on their monomaniac
friend Rolande, devoted rhythm machine.

Ctrl 5 / Ctrl 3 is their first single and will be released on a sexy
white vinyl housed in a white on white printed sleeve. It will be
available in a limited edition 12’’ vinyl and on digital.

Forthcoming remixes include reworks by Code Napoléon (Turzi &
Arnaud Rebotini new mega-band), Team Ghost (ex-M83), Discipline,
Whitestone and Second Date.

For listeners of :

Italians Do It Better records, Minimal Wave reissues, early Human League, Blouse, Class Actress, Hula...