“Ceremony - Safranin Sounds kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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Safranin Sounds
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2-LP / No Emb Blanc Records (Genetic Music) / 2012

CEREMONY is Paul Baker and John Fedowitz from Virginia, US. One half of skywave, a band that split up into A Place To Bury Strangers and CEREMONY after Oliver Ackermann (Death By Audio) had to move to New York.

‘Safranin Sounds’ is an album to be enjoyed for what it is.
It’s not exactly ground-breaking stuff, and in fact, the sort of
disinterested vocal delivery on the slower tracks give much of the album
a distinct Eighties feel.

However, it’s tracks like ‘No Good For You,’ and ‘Without Your Love,
where the pace is ramped up, that catch the attention. Think of the
sparks flying from a sheet of metal being cut in half. It’s like that –
bright little violent flashes of buzzing guitar noise zipping off here,
there and all over the place.

In general, what we have here is an amalgam of sounds that catch the mood of Jesus and Mary Chain (obviously) mixed with the modern interpretation and droned backing noise of say, She’s Hit and The Gaa Gaa’s if we’re to take a couple of my favourite UK exponents of this type of
dark, scuzzy music. Add to that the Eighties feel of say Depeche Mode and you’ve pretty much got it.

Yeah – a decent enough album, if a little uninspiring and if truth be
told, perhaps a little on the long side. Twenty tracks spanning about
sixty-six minutes may seem like good value for money, but it will also
perhaps test the aural endurance of today’s fickle, casual listener.