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LO†PH – Aurora 

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7inch / TuT-Tonträger (Treue um Treue) / 2012

(Treue um Treue # T.U.R. 023, 7" EP - black vinyl - 2 tracks - in foc sleeve - lim. ed. of 200 hand-numbered copies) Out
of the alchemical furnace of the Coeur du Monde studios comes the
latest musical and hermetic endeavour of WERMUT’s Laszlo PS and Sofia ER
: LO†PH. “Aurora” is the project’s first release, both laying down its
landmarks and heralding the upcoming first album. Presented here are two
long tracks combining witch house gloom and techno wave coldness,
somewhere between MATER SUSPIRIA VISION and CLOCK DVA, distilled with
delay-drowned incantations and pitched cut-up rhymes. Two vessels loaded
with Christian Esotericism and Jewish Tradition, two steps on a
spiritual journey towards the reintegration of being. File under:
Hermetic Wave.