“V.A.: The Sound Of Geri Reig kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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V.A.: The Sound Of Geri Reig

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lp / kernkrach schallplatten / kernkrach records / 2012 (1979)

kernkrach is very proudly to present a dream:

lim. edition 500 hand numbered copies, 180gr. dark orange-brown-black marbled vinyl, hartcover sleeve

der plan, wonders of science, weltaufstandsplab, die karman ghias, der swingerschnitzel, the prehistoric new wave singers


things are developing really nicely with the upcoming complilation "the
sound of geri reig". for the first time the original recordings of the
musical style later coined "geri reig" are going to be pressed in vinyl
grooves. not only are we going to hear the music of pre-der plan sets
such as weltaufstandsplan and die karmann ghias, but also what happened
on the other side of the planet simultaneously. fr.om san josé a.k.a.
"the pit" the tunes of "the prehistoric new wave singers" and other
groups will complete the archives of home-made experimental para-pop
music fr.om the late 1970s. prepare to jump on your copy as this
compilation will be published in a very small edition. prices are
predicted by goldman sachs to shoot the roof once sold out.