“S.M. Nurse - 30th Anniversary: 1980-1983 kaufen im Vinyl, Minimal, Synth, Wave, Münster, Germany, International, Mail Order”

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S.M. Nurse
30th Anniversary: 1980-1983
Order-Nr.: DOMO3M
Angebot : 16.50 Euro

nur 15.00 EURO
(incl. 19% Mwst.)


10inch / Domestica Records / 2013

Presented in a hand-made silk-screen printed cover sleeve. It includes a leaflet.
Limited edition of 350 numbered copies only.

Collector’s edition: first 100 copies comes with coloured gold/black
vinyl, handmade CD cover album of No Honey From These material (current
project of Menko Konings, S.M. Nurse founder) and hand-made silk-screen
printed and numbered postal of S.M. Nurse (+9 euros).

A brief history by Menko Konings:
"Around 1980 Menko Konings (eM. / No Honey From These / Top Tape)
started the legendary Amsterdam underground formation S.M. Nurse, first
together with Jos Jak and later also with Anneke Stempher. S.M. Nurse
experimented with collage-like music and were inspired by N.Y.-ultra,
disco e.g. The band mainly performed in the Amsterdam ultra-circuit,
such as Oktopus on the Keizersgracht and D-Day in Paradiso. They also
performed at clubs and discotheques such as Mazzo on the Rozengracht and
the transgender nightclub Madame Arthur in the Warmoesstraat.

Pretty soon, S.M. Nurse was noticed by radio programme maker Richard
Zeilstra from the Dutch broadcaster the VPRO and they were played
regularly on radio programmes such as RadioNome and Spleen. They
performed live on radio in the villa of the VPRO in Hilversum. They also
contributed to the theme cassette Turkish Delight of van Kaye &
Ignit's tapes and record label Ding Dong. Among releases were a live
registration on a bootleg cassette, at the time available at Staalplaat,
and a cassette of S.M. Nurse on the independent label Top Tape.

At the end of 1983, S.M. Nurse split up. Anneke Stempher and Jos Jak
recorded a cassette for TopTape under the name Incredible Coop. Menko
Konings continued solo under the name eM. He also started the formation
No Honey from These with Robby Horsfall. Top Tape released several
cassettes and CD's from eM. as well as No Honey From These."